Chingford Rugby Club



Founded in 1928 by members of Chingford congregational church the club was originally known as “Chingford Guild Rugby Club”. A ground was loaned by a local milkman named Mr Soper adjacent to the reservoirs at Lee Valley. Members of the club then built a changing building with two changing rooms, plunge bath and water heating stove. A double Decker bus was acquired for the spectators and the players washed in a local piggery.

In 1930 the club was renamed Chingford Rugby Club and in 1945 the club was reformed using an old army hut as the original was destroyed during the 2nd WW on Ve Night. This hit was used until 1947 when the “Rendezvous Café” was used for changing. During the fifties the club moved to its previous site. The clubhouse was extended in 1960 and again in 1967-68 season to it present size.


By 1958 the club had seen member’s representing Eastern Counties, had won the Hendon Sevens for 2 seasons on in a row and was field up to 5 teams each week. From 1960 the club was boosted by the batch of post-war children for Chingford High School. During the sixties the 1st xv remained largely unchanged for nearly a decade. During this time they won the Barnet Sevens, the silver ball and in 1967-68 were runners up in the inaugural Essex Cup.

When the leagues started in 1987 the club were placed in London 3 North East. And in 1989-90 the club not only won the Essex cup but gained promotion to London 2 North were they stayed until 1997 when they were sadly relegated.

The club remained in London 3 North East until 2004-05, when coaches John Williams Snr and Steve Frost guided the Club to not only the Essex Cup but also won London 3 North East by winning every game and being the first club in England to win their respective league first by 4 games. Their first season in London North 2 saw them finish a respectable 4th and last season saw them make an improvement by finishing 3rd.